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The Ghost of Amy Winehouse, CRAFT., Fall 2023

Name and Date, The Puritan, Issue 54, Summer 2021

Desert Hearts, The Waking, March 2021

Women Falling from the Sky, Plenitude Magazine, April 2020


Lucky Girl, just femme and dandy, volume 05, July 2023

Trapdoor, Foglifter, Volume 8, Issue 1

Self-Portrait as an Aerial View of Vancouver Island, MAYDAY, February 2023 

wild roses and bleeding, Anit-Heroin Chic, Issue 30, December 2022



A True Happiness: A Review of Sandra Lim’s “The Curious Thing”

Blood in the Sand: A Review of Diane Seuss’s “frank: sonnets”



“What You Inherit”, Brave New Play Rites, Staged Reading Series, 2021

“Blue Carotid”, Brave New Play Rites Festival, Full Production 2016


Poetry and Queer Desire

Bryn Mawr College

A generative workshop that introduced students to a variety of poetic forms and provocations. Readings included poems by Alex Dimitrov, Donika Kelly, Adrienne Rich, Danez Smith, and Jen Bervin.

Bearings: A Generative Poetry Workshop

Vancouver Public Library 

A generative poetry workshop that facilitated participants reading and writing Wikipedia poems, epistolary poems, erasure poems, and centos.


Love Poems for PACE Society 

In exchange for proof of donation, poets write a 10-line poem. PACE Society is a peer-driven organization located in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver that provides support, advocacy, and education by, with, and for current and former sex workers of all genders.

PRISM Presents: Love in all its Forms

Reading of two poems: "Untitled Glosa" and "Diminutive of Sheep." 

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