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Bits and Pieces

Things I've made -- for fun, for exploration.

Box of E

A small object made in a graduate workshop exploring the overlaps between poetry and visual art. 

a small tin box containing a bead with the letter "E", some pencil shavings, some green netting, a plastic leaf, a decorative stamp, and a bit of pink bubble wrap.

Writing Alter

I gathered what seemed important and beautiful.

A writing alter set on a white desk. The alter contains several books by Alice Munro, some letters from Clara's friends, a small dish of crystals, a taper candle in a white clay candle holder, an empty wine bottle that holds a white taper candle, some film photographs, a small vial of perfume, a glass bell, a lit candle, a gold bracelet, a bottle of perfume from LUSH, a bottle of YSL's black opium, and two plastic claw clips.


Letters from friends. 

A letter from a friend set against a pink envelope and a brown piece of paper with some writing on it. This is a detail from the writing alter.

More details

Earrings, crystals, and a pin.

A close-up on a dish of crystals. In the dish there is also a pin of a white gentle looking monster and a small painted vase. Outside of the dish you can see two earrings and a green ring.
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